Monday, 22 May 2017

Murals, Murals on the Walls – Rediscovering New Ways to Encapsulate Moments

Where is the most artistic mural in the world?

According to some art historians, there were already murals on the walls throughout the world as a form of valuable testimony of life, dated far back when people existed on Earth. From the prehistoric cave paintings at Sulawesi, Indonesia; the Chauvert, Niaux and Lascaux caves in France; to the celebratory murals of ancient Egypt, Rome, Mesopotamia, Greece and India, the history of beautiful works on the walls and ceilings is rich and varied. In those days, the purpose of murals varied from culture to culture, and from time period to time period, and people scratched them, carved them, etched them and painted them with whatever natural materials that were available at that time. One of the oldest methods is A fresco painting, which sees paint applied on plaster on walls or ceilings.

Over the course of time, murals have grown to hold great significance to mankind and have moved to cover the interiors and exteriors of many buildings to depict life activities and everyday scenery, giving us a priceless look of the diversity of our cultures during different time periods. Without a doubt, the plan to keep the initial meaning and purpose for each mural and to leave signs of own existence will allow us to pass on the priceless knowledge of our history to the next generation.

In our more contemporary era, murals have found their way onto a large variety of surfaces with options of more sophisticated paintings to create dramatic impact whether consciously or subconsciously on the attitudes of viewers. More recently, artists have introduced digital techniques of mural painting which could be painted on directly or printed out as vinyl and then attached to a surface. An interesting evolution continues in the world of murals - Roxwell Magnetic Solutions that work to allow each piece to become an aesthetic, social, cultural and most importantly educational artifact, with a choice for conceptualised pop-up effect. Large Format-Display Challenges require out-of-the-box Large Format-Display Solutions and Leaders in your Community can experiment our range of Magnetic products for a personal connection and interaction between patron and artist in an amazing and unique experience.

In putting forth an introduction and emancipation of Roxwell Magnetic Solutions, you can imagine having multiple possibilities on a mural wall with just one printed design. How about having a shelf on your wall without drilling holes and using nails? How about repositioning your three-dimensional objects on the wall according to your wish everyday? How about allowing yourself a glimpse into Creation itself?

We are very excited to magnetise you and your wall in extraordinary ways. Please let us know if an early appointment is viable through 6273 8932 or for an artistic journey.

Increasing Students’ Participation in the Classroom

Education, if perceived out of its traditional boundaries, moulds the fundamentals of all our actions and behaviour. What we do and think are likely to be what we have been taught or have learnt. In the recent technology revolution, our youths are either surrounded by the addictive gadgets or a wholesome of interactive panels to gain extended information.

Before the Central Processing Units became a large part of our learning journey, we have had our fair share of learning through the conventional methodology of classroom setting. Our names were called and we hurried to the front of the classroom to pen the correct answers on the gigantic whiteboard with the whiteboard marker. Perhaps, that was what made us remember how to spell the word ‘Mississippi’ correctly.

Re-introducing our beloved youths to our era of learning is and will continue to be a deliberation with loads of story-telling, given that keyboards and touch screens are now a common scene in the learning environment. We do not expect the technology to take a halt for any learning soul. However, we strive that our employed technology in the successfully concluded eco-friendly, reusable whiteboards could in one or multiple ways assist our Educators and Learners to walk the learning journey.   

In consideration of the learning environment, we pride ourselves in delivering the most innovated classroom aids for our Educators and Learners. For ease of learning and practicing, each of our student’s desk can now be pasted with removable gloss whiteboards which come with millions of nano-sized suction cups technology every square metre. Old and stained existing whiteboards can now be pasted with the same removable gloss whiteboard without much hassle and huge replacement cost. Another worthy range of eco-friendly and magnetic whiteboard is what we wish to share with you through a demonstration. We would be delighted to hear from you for an appointment via

Murals, Murals on the Walls – Rediscovering New Ways to Encapsulate Moments

Where is the most artistic mural in the world? According to some art historians, there were already murals on the walls throughout the ...